Brown sugar has a distinctive brown color because of the presence of molasses. Brown sugar is sugar. It is a sugar crystal unrefined sugar or partly refined with certain residual molasses (natural brown sugar). It is either made with molasses to refined white sugar (commercial brown sucre). It is made from molasses.
Sugar , Brown Sugar : Brown Sugar vs. Raw Sugar

Brown Sugar is made of a small quantity of crystalline sucrose that has a characteristic color and rich aroma. This is a product of molasses. It is manufactured in the big Sugar industries worldwide, including in the Caribbean, Brazil, Australia, Europe, the United States and South Africa. Brown Sugar is popular because it gives baked goods dark sweetness. It is also used in the cooking of sweet sauces and glazing for savory foods.

 Fast Facts

  • Main Components: White sugar, molasses
  • Shelf Life: 2 years or more
  • Storage: Airtight container

Brown Sugar vs. Raw Sugar

Brown Sugar is not raw Sugar (Sugar in the Raw is a popular brand name) which is used in baking recipes. Both are chocolate, but raw Sugar is typically lighter and golder. Raw Sugar also retains the residual molasses from the process of refining, while molasses are added to white Sugar to produce brown sugar. Fresh sucrose crystals are typically slightly bigger and the texture of the Sugar is less moist. Natural Brown Sugar varieties include turbinate, muscovate and demerara.

Both sugars are equally nutritious and are used in similar cooking processes. Brown Sugar is usually reserved for baked food, candy, sauces and hot cereals. Raw Sugar is used in baking, cooking, sweetening drinking and condiments just than white sugar. Where raw Sugar is a better replacement for whitened sugar, the fine crystals of Brown Sugar make it more suited than caster Sugar (or superfine) as an alternative.


What type of Brown Sugar is created by the amounts of molasses added to a white sugar:

  • Sugar Light brown: the most frequently used type for bakery. Recipes for which Brown Sugar requires light Brown Sugar without suggesting light or dark generally. About 3.5 percent of light Brown Sugar is found in weight.
  • Dark brown sugar: Dark Brown Sugar is around 6.5% by weight molasses and is used when you want to add an extra rich taste or colour.
  • Liquid Brown Sugar: the primary U.S. Sugar producer Domino Sugar is used for the processing of a liquid Brown Sugar commodity. While this product is no longer available, this ingredient remains in many older recipes. Combine one part of water with three parts of light Brown Sugar to make a replacement for the liquid Brown Sugar at home. In order to remove sugar, the combination can have to be slightly heated.

Brown Sugar Uses

Brown Sugar is very much used in white Sugar granulated but offers an extra taste. Since melasses are hygroscopic, Brown Sugar and baked goods contain well moisture. Since they are capable of absorbing water

Baked goods, sauces, marinades, and even bacon are popular uses for brown sugar. This is often made into a Sugar syrup that normally flavors beverages with spices. Brawn Sugar has also become a popular ingredient for body scrubbing due to its granules and a slightly acidic pH (as well as sweet smells).

How to Cook With Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar does not require any special preparation and can be used from the box directly. Pack it tightly into the cup or spoon when measuring brown sugar. It is difficult to calculate otherwise with additional humidity. It's more strong than white sugar, but lighter than other raw sugar. 1 cup of weight weighing equals 220 grams (200 grams of white Sugar and 250 grams of raw sugar).

It is normally combined with the other ingredients of the recipe. Brown Sugar is combined with white Sugar in some baked recipes, like several cookies. Brown Sugar may also be heated to create candy or glazes on the stovetop. You should also place it in a liquid to avoid burning, until it has dissolved and low heat.

What Does It Taste Like?

Brown Sugar typically tastes like toffee or molasses crystallized. The taste of brown dark Sugar is mostly associated with chocolate, with a strong, but milder and less complex taste of molasses, while light brown sugar.

Brown Sugar Substitute

In certain recipes, white or raw Sugar may be added instead of brown sugar. The food maintains its mildness, but its sweetness is not extra and white Sugar is lighter. You would also have to increase liquid slightly to compensate for the lack of humidity.

Brown Sugar can be created in the house by mixing 1 dining Sugar of white Sugar for every 1 cup. Mix together Sugar and molasses, until they have a uniform color and texture. This substitution preserves the taste, humidity, and color of the recipe.

Brown Sugar Recipes

The most common use of Brown Sugar in a variety of recipes is cakes, cookies, muffins and bars. It is also used in sweet desserts and brown frostings. Caramel is a common addition for savory dishes like beans, meats and vegetables in sauces and glazes.

Where to Buy Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar can be purchased in any food shop as can other shops with and online in the simple baking section. In the bakery alley it is found with other sugars and usually sold for only a couple of dollars in 2 pound plastic bags. You would possibly pay more for dark Brown Sugar because the light variety is not so that. It is available in volume, with up to 50 pounds, when you need a lot of brown sugar. Most home cooks should find one of the smaller sack long.


To preserve its moisture content, Brown Sugar must be stored in an airtight container. It will harden as the humidity slowly evaporates when exposed to air. Some people prefer a canister, but the open box can also be packed in a plastic zip-top container. As long as it is processed properly, Brown Sugar doesn't really last for 2 years, but the best quality is used in 2 years.

Strong Brown Sugar can be softened and sealed securely by adding a slice of bread or a few marshmallows or an apple wedge. The molasses absorbed humidity in a couple of hours and the Sugar was smooth once more.

Nutrition and Benefits

Brown Sugar is a little better nutritionally than white Sugar because molasses naturally contain a couple of minerals. However, this is limited with the small number of molasses in brown sugar. It has a little more than white sucre calcium, iron and potassium. There is 15 calories in one tablespoon of Brown Sugar compared to 16.3 calories in white sucre.


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