Corn Sugar, a common commercial name of the maize-derived monosaccharide dextrose (dextrorotary glucose).
Corn Sugar, Best Corn Sugar :  What is Corn Sugar?

Corn Sugar is a natural sweetener made from starch derived from maize kernels. The cornstarch extracted is then processed to make a solid Sugar or another common sweetening agent called maize syrup. In many cuisine recipes and in the creation of a number of mass-produced food products, both maize syup and Sugar are routinely utilized.

Maize Sugar starts when the starchy elements are separated from the maize. The elements extracted are glucose but are converted into a new type of sucrose called dextrose by the refining process. The maize Sugar is a high fructose maize syrup that is suitable for use as flavor enhancing and ingredient in many commercial foods that affect the finished texture of the food prepared.

Today various types of Sugar are available, each with its own texture and sweetness, as the quantity of the refined product is measured. In the case of corn sugar, it does not have the same degree of sweetness as the more common granular sugar-slightly yellow and slightly wider than most cane Sugar products. That form of sugar, however, helps to provide various recipes with slightly more bulk which often makes it better than other sugars. Most researchers believe that the same volume of white refined Sugar contains just over half the sweetness.

Corn Sugar is often more quickly digested than Sugar cane or beets. There can be no specific evidence of any potential health benefits in terms of nutritional value. Maize sucr is an excellent method to change the dishes that require a specific quantity of Sugar for bulk purposes by cutting the sweet taste into recettes.

Yet there is no conclusive evidence today that the use of people who are in early stages of diabetes and are seeking to manage the disease through diet is preferable to the use of maize Sugar rather than cane sugar. The foodstuffs containing this content also induce dangerous blood glucose spikes and bring additional pressure on the body's ability to effectively handle these elevated levels of glucose.


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