Food Media Network wants to know how to barbecue America.
Poll: Grilling for Magazine’s

The Food Network Magazine would like to know how to grill America. What type of grill have most people? Are there readers of grilled fruits or against them? The dry rub or the marinade produces better results? Answer the polls below and see how your grill view in the future issue of a magazine will stack up on other opinions.

What Kind of Grill Do You Use?

Charcoal Grillers: Briquettes or Hardwood/Lump?

Lighter Fluid:

Have You Ever Made Beer Can Chicken on the Grill?

How Often Do You Grill in the Summer?

Grilling on Weeknights:

In My House, the Chief Griller Is:

People Are Coming Over to Eat Food That You’ve Grilled. You Call This Gathering:

Marinade or Rub?

Preformed Store-Bought Hamburger Patties:

Preformed Store-Bought Hamburger Patties:

Do You Make Your Own Barbecue Sauce?

How Do You Grill Your Corn?

Grilled Fruit:

Grilled Lettuce:

Grilled Buns:

How Do You Like Your Roasted Marshmallow?

Your Position on Goofy Grilling Aprons:


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