This low-carb sandwich salad is the perfect food for working and for cold eating. Juicy chicken thighs tossed with low carb cloud bread into a creamy mayo dressing.
Chicken Salad Sandwich, Cloud Bread

This Low-carb sandwich salad is the perfect food for working and for cold eating. Juicy Chicken thighs tossed with Low Carb cloud bread into a creamy mayo dressing.

This recipe is free of gluten, Chicken / Keto / low carbohydrate

This roasted Chicken Salad is the ideal lunch recipe and is simple to prepare, damp and creamy. The trick is to taste Chicken thighs in the oven for the ultimate Chicken Salad reception. Don't even suggest using Chicken canned or rotisserie! When the juicy Chicken thighs are pulled and thrown in a smooth dressing, it makes the Chicken Salad sandwich that is most epic you can pull up.

Some people asked if white meat could be used. Make sure you purchase bone on and skin on Chicken breasts and stir them in the oven, to produce a Chicken Salad. You don't have to overcrowd the white meat, or it is dry. It's not as juicy as thighs.

Test my other foods, such as curry Chicken Salad, broccoli and roasted chocolate. I have no alternative. Both of them are excellent for cool lunch.

How To Make Chicken Salad

In order to make Chicken Salad, I 'd recommend buying Chicken rotisserie. It is filled with chemicals, salt and usually birds of low quality. Purchase organic Chicken thighs on the skin and bone and roast them for 55 minutes in the oven at 400F. You can once cooled a little and save that crispy skin to a snack attack as a wolverine with two forks!

Mix the avocado mayonnaise oil with Lemon juice, coconut or tamari, stone grounds mustard, tahini and hot Sauce to render the creamy mayo dressing for Chicken Salad. It may sound slightly different, but the taste is outside of the diagrams. Make sure that you don't put the Chicken in the dressing while it's still dry.

Add some chopped pecans, cooked and chopped bacon and herbs to finish this Low-carb Chicken Salad. It would be perfect if you were to add a few grapes or dried cranberries, but it would be paleo, and not keto.

How Long Can I Store Chicken Salad In The Fridge?

In the refrigerator, Chicken Salad can be stored in an airtight jar for 5 days. The mayonnaise is splitting ad has a strange texture I don't recommend freezing.

The Best Cloud Bread Recipe

Keep the broken Egg white in the mixture of Egg yolk and crem cheese is the secret to make the cloud bread. The biggest error is that the Egg whites will not be beaten until they get high. This is key to the light and airy texture of the cloud bread. Look at my Egg whites texture in the following video in Youtube. The cream cheese also has to be at room temperature so that it integrates fully into the eggs.

In the cloud bread before bread in the oven, I want to add a little dried oregano and grated Pecorino cheese. This gives an Italian focaccia flavor to the cloud bread recipe. There are approximately 30 minutes to baked, but bake to a very nice and golden brown cloud bread. I like moving the Keto cloud bread into a refrigerating rack so that there's no humidity on the base.


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