Cookie Mix in a jar – A jar filled by M&M cookies with dry, pre-measured ingredients. Send the jar as a present and add the wet ingredients and bake what the recipient has to do.
Cookie Mix in a Jar

We 're in the holiday season thick bakers and presents. In gifting something edible I always think sweets are the way to go. This Baking Mix in a Jar is the best way to make home-made cookies for everyone. So who doesn't want cookies that are newly baked?

I've made some adjustments to turn my Soft and Chewy M&M cookies into this festive, delicious holiday present, and so I have decided to make a few changes for them!

How to Make Cookies in a Jar

In order to mount the jars, the dry ingredients are only measured and placed in a jar. It could not be easy. It could not be simpler!

Fried Soda, Rice, Carbohydrates, Salt and M&M – that's it! Soda fried! Feel free to exchange chocolate for some M&M's.

Have you not M&M's? Using just chocolate chips!


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