Meal prep ideas for the week with juicy lamb kebabs with low carb pita and tahini sauce.
Keto Kebab Meal Prep with Low Carb Pita Bread

Instructions :

  • Make the kebabs with 1.5 teaspoons of salt and a few crevices of pepper in the ground, added to the bowl with all the rest of it (except oils). Use your hands to mix it all well, but do not overmix, which makes meat hard. Build the mixture into individual kebabs about 1 by 4 inches long and make sure that they are not too fat in any size you like. Store kebabs 20 minutes or overnight prior to cooking in the refrigerator so that they can settle down.
  • In the meantime, preheat the oven to 400F and make the Keto flatbread. Beat the Eggs in a large bowl, then add the salt, baker and mix well. Nice grated cheese and spatula blend well. Add the amber meal and mix together thoroughly. Continue to mix oil with your hands and break the dough into five balls equal to the other. Place the dough on a piece of parchment paper and another piece of parchment paper. Use a rolling pin to flatten every dough until it is approx. 5-6 inches in diameter (see the video for more details). It's all right if each other's edges touch. Move to a tray, sprinkle with the dried thyme and bake for 13-15 minutes or until browned with gold. Make it fit on a tray with 5 doughs. Enter and reserve. Remove.
  • Make the tahini Sauce in a small cup, then fine grind the garlic and cover with 1 Lemon juice. Let the raw scent of the garlic go away for 5-15 minutes. Fill the tahini with a small food processor or use a tall and narrow jar with a handheld stick bender. Connect a few seconds of garlic and Lemon juice, salt and blend. When you mix it, add some ice water (about 2-4 tablespoons) and sustain until the texture is creamy and smooth. When more water needs to be removed, do so. Use more tahini if the tahini gets too loose. Seasoning check and reserve.
  • Preheat a large non-stick pan for 2 minutes to cook the kebabs for medium-high heat. Add 2 teaspoons of oil and wait for 10 seconds . Add half the kebabs. Otherwise you would have to work in two lots, overcrowding the bowl. After the kebabs on the first side have a nice colour, flip over and cook 4 minutes longer. Turn the kebabs on their sides and cook 30 seconds on each side to ensure that they cook evenly. You should split it into one to ensure that the lamb is cooked completely. Take the second batch out of the pan and cook it.
  • Serve and enjoy the kebabs with the tahini Sauce and the flatbread! You will have more kebabs than the flatbread will accommodate, so just enjoy the sauce. The kebabs last 5 days or can be frozen 2-3 months in the refrigerator. Flatbroads can be stored in a zip-top bag for three to four days in the fridge or frozen for another three months. The tahini Sauce lasts for five days, but can not be frozen in the fridge.

Recipe Notes :

Enter the fine layout of the box grater by purchasing a block of mozzarella cheese. Don't purchase flatbread grated cheese.

The way I shaped the kebabs produced 8 kebabs that were appropriate for five foods. Maintain the macro number 8 in mind. The kebabs can also be made of earth beef, Chicken thighs, or turkey thighs.

Macros per lamb kebab, recipe makes 8 kebabs:

  • 281 calories
  • 0.44 net & total grams of carbs
  • 26.6 grams of fat
  • 19 grams of protein
  • 0 fiber

Macros per flatbread, recipe makes 5 flatbreads:

  • 330 calories
  • 4.35 grams of net carbs
  • 7.95 grams of total carbs
  • 27.2 grams of fat
  • 16.8 grams of protein
  • 3.6 grams of fiber

Macros for all of the tahini sauce:

  • 500 calories
  • 8.8 grams of net carbs
  • 10 grams of total grams
  • 46 grams of fat
  • 16.5 grams of protein
  • 1.5 grams of fiber

Nutrition Facts

Keto Kebab Meal Prep with Low Carb Pita Bread

  • Amount Per Serving (1 meal)
  • Calories 185 Calories from Fat 149
  • % Daily Value*
  • Fat 16.51g 25%
  • Carbohydrates 2.92g 1%
  • Fiber 0.9g 4%
  • Protein 9.16g 18%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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