I have the perfect low-carb lunch meal planning to have your co-workers jealous of, and that could be eaten cold! Chicken fennels spiced with the roasted coliflower and broccoli salad approved for keto.
Keto Lunch:  Fennel Spiced Chicken with Roasted Veggie Salad

I have the perfect Low-carb lunch meal planning to have your co-workers jealous of, and that could be eaten cold! Chicken fennels spiced with the roasted coliflower and Broccoli Salad approved for keto.

The ingredients are: Dairy Frey, Gluten Free, Chicken Keto / Low Carb

You guys asked, so you're going here! You should bring your nutritious food to work and school for a healthy lunch. Not everybody can warm up their food at work and at school, so this cold and monster-flavored Low Carb lunch recipe can be eaten! These rusty veggie salads can be the most delicious way to get lower carb veggies in your diet, and they are not hurt by a creamy mayo avocado.

Make sure that you always check out my easy lunch recipe and my best ever Chicken Salad. Check out my easy lunch.

Low Carb Chicken Lunch Meal Prep

Start with this Keto lunch recipe with a pinch of generously pickled salt, penny pulp, paprika and cumin and put on 10 skinless Chicken slices. Allow the Chicken to sit in a hot pool for 20 minutes so that the marinada is ready to work. For this recipe, I like to use the grilling pot as the grilling is good on Chicken thighs, but a cast iron saucepan or unbinding cups can be used.

Five minutes per side cook the Chicken thighs, and then remove from the bowl. Thighs of Chicken have more fat than breasts and are suitable for Keto diet. Allow the Chicken to rest 5 minutes before eating under a tin foil, so that the juices can be redistributed.

Cut the broccoli and the coliflower in big florets in a 450 ° F oven for 30 minutes to create the Low-carb roasted veggie salad. At a high temperature, I like to roast, so it gets dark brown outside the veggies and so creamy inside. Whisk the mayo dressing into a food processor and mix until smooth, adding full fat Mayo, advocado, Lemon sautés, garlic and hot sauces.

Throw in the roasted veggies, add some chopped almonds, spicy chips and crunchy celery. The Lemon juice stops the dressing of mayo from being brown and oxidized.

What Are Keto Lunch Recipes I Can Take To Work?

This food preparation recipe is designed to be eaten cold if you have no access to the microwave at work or school. The next day is probably better than the Low Carb veggie salad and the Chicken can be cut and mixed with the salad. Think of it as a creative treat on Chicken Salad. You can even pair it and make a sandwich with my fat bread.

Lunch is served in the refrigerator for 5 days. It is possible to frozen just the Chicken for 2-3 months. In order to warm your food prep recipes at work, you can buy a hot logic mini. It's very easy and doesn't have to use a microwave.


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