The whole of the year is a sweet, tangy and warm baked.
Muffin Blueberry Recept

Whether eaten with a coffee or serving a snack afternoon, the blueberry muffins are an untimely baker's item, for a reason they are a nice baked item.

We love the blackberry muffins full of the fresh blueberries that bakes fill the muffins with pockets of delicious juice so that the fresh, tangy flavor is hit by the smooth, bouncy muffin texture as you bite into it.

How to make blueberry muffins  

It sometimes can be difficult to get it right when you put fresh fruit into a recipe, but our blueberry muffin recette helps to straighten up stuff.

Simply combine butter and rub Sugar into a regular muffin batter until they form a light creamy paste, then adding eggs.

You can only add blueberries when you have folded in the flour, and bake in the dark golden colour.

Could you place muffins with fresh blueberries?

This recipe uses fresh blueberries that will not affect the mixture as long as you fold them carefully. However, you can instead add frozen blueberries if you're concerned about how the extra moisture will affect this mixture.  

You can also try to spread half of the batter in the kitchen, add half the blackberries and cover them with the rest of the batter and then add the remaining blueberries.  

Attempt this simple blueberry muffin recipe before you feel more comfortable if you still feel that it's not perfect.

This blueberry muffin recipe can be made easily throughout the year, perfect for packed lunches, picnics or even a middle afternoon snack and cup of tea.

Ingredients :

  • 2   Eggs  
  • 250 g   self raising flour
  • 120 ml   milk
  • 100 g   caster Sugar
  • 150 g   butter
  • 1   small punnet blueberries  

Directions :

  • Combine the butter and the caster Sugar until a light creamy paste is made. Add the Eggs and whisk until the mix is light and fluffy; this is the secret to maintaining your muffin texture. Fold the meal gently with a wooden spoon and the blueberries, eventually. To keep the mix hydrated, add milk.
  •     Clean your muffin moulds gently and pour in the mixture to the tip. Label 4 for approximately 20 minutes in a preheated oven at 180 ° C / gas.
  •     The muffin top will spring back when it is lightly touched to test if they are cooked. If they're not fully ready, put them back in the oven for a few minutes.


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